10 Amazing Websites You’ve Never Heard Of

1.Radio Garden:- tune into FM radio station around the world. here you can listen to any FM radio station around the world.just visit the site and it automatically searches radio station near you and start playing songs.

2.Academic Earth:- if you believe everyone has the right to world-class education then the academic earth is for you. there is hundreds of paid website like Udemy,coursera, and others where you can take online courses. but academic earth enables you to take world-class courses free of cost.

3.PtaricJMT:- If you are weak in math or want to do mastery over math subject go for patricjmt.its free of cots. here you can find a lot of fucking maths trick free cost. He covers everything from basic Algebra and Trigonometry to advanced Calculus, Discrete Math, and Differential Equations, all available as free online videos. I think this is one of the best math tutorials website loaded with math encyclopedia.

4.Mental Floss:- want to know the hidden story behind anything? this website gives you A Facts and figures behind everything. which let you know true facts about anything.

5. MuscleWiki:– everyone willing to make his/her muscle strength. if you don’t know which exercise suits and require to build particular muscle then muscle wiki is for you.

6.Play Retro Games:- game lover? you can find all types game and play online without downloading to your pc.

7.A Good Movie to Watch:-  finding the good movie is very difficult. this website helps you to find movies by your choice, movie by categories, tons of filtration options. you don’t need to search movies on google.just visit this site and you are done.

8.Don’t Even Reply:- website owner has set out motto as Emais from assholes”. you really gonna love this website.

9.i waste so much time:- this website is designed to waste your time. filled with lots of funny images, it really kills your time. you really gonna laugh a lot.

10.creddle:- need a job? then definitely you need a resume. this website helps you to make a professional resume in a minute.

10 Amazing Websites You’ve Never Heard Of

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