9 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

1.Use startpage.com:- You already know Google tracks everything you search on google. or any google site like youtube, Gmail or other products. use starpage.com.it deliver the same Result as google but it saves you from not to be tracked.

2.Email Security Rules- there is plenty of fake and spam email we are getting. don’t click blindly on an email link. but question is, how you can prevent your email from hacking? use two-factor authentication. so that when anyone login from other devices or places they have to enter a one-time password to access your Gmail account. here is the complete step to secure your Gmail account.

3.Vpn and online security virus:- VPN is a basically secure network which enables you to browse internet anonymously. you can use pc VPN or mobile VPN. there is tons of VPN for mobile too. you can use Nord VPN. for securing your internet banking and other monetary online transaction you can use Quickheal All in one Antivirus.

4.use KeePass:- to prevent yourself from stealing online password use KeePass. it is free open source password manager used by millions of people across the world. it can manage all your password in one place without worrying anymore.

5.use TOS-DR:–  before registering to any website:- You know every website has some terms and conditions listed on their website but you don’t know the real meaning of that unlimited term and condition. nor you have time to read that much legal terms and conditions. don’t worry TOS-DR is for you. this website tells you terms and condition of every website in layman terms.

6.prefer to use TOR Browser:- tor browser is one of the most used private browsers in the world. it doesn’t record which website you visited. what you have browsed over the internet.

7.Use Boxdecrypter:- it protects your backup file through the end to end encryption. Boxcryptor protects your data in the cloud with end-to-end encryption. It works with Dropbox, GoogleDrive and many more providers, on all platforms.

8.you can use startmail.com if not Gmail:-  bored from Gmail? try startmail.com. Take back your email privacy today with StartMail, the encrypted email made easy. Secure email service protected by Dutch privacy laws to keep your data safe.

9.only use site started with https://:- site come with two variant HTTP:// and https://. always prefer to use the site which has green lock sign appeared before its name. for example, you can see before souravpathak.com there is green lock which shows site is secured by security layers. HTTPS (HTTP Secure) is an adaptation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used on the Internet. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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9 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

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