8 Proven Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions


1.Baby Steps:- it is better not to design your new year resolution too big. make it realistic so it can be achievable. success come through small but continuous handwork. take baby steps towards your goal. always climb small ladders step at a time.

2.celebrate small win:- don’t wait for whole new year resolution celebration do it in small step and celebrate it in part by part.why not break up your resolution into easy to handle parts.

3.Reward yourself:- never forget to reward yourself for achieving small success. you can reward yourself in a various manner. go for a movie or pick a reward which motivates you.

4.Habit:- you can’t used to any habit in 7 days or 10 days. as per research, it takes at least 40 days for a normal person to make any habit theory daily routine. so never disappoint if you are failing in initial days of your new year resolution.

5. know your low energy time: no one is equipped with 100% energy every time. try to figure out your low energy points and get rid of. always try to accomplish your goal with a fresh mind and high energy.

6. care your health:- health is wealth there is no doubt about it. never forget to care your health while sticking to your new year resolution. only healthy mind can achieve goals.

7.discipline: discipline is the need of our when you are committed to anything. without proper focus and discipline, it is very hard to achieve your goals.

8.over thinking; don’t over think about your resolution. just treat it as normal rather than thinking over again and again. over thinking will distract you and you can’t able to put proper concentration towards goals. only give attention what it needs not what it craves.

8 Proven Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

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