7 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Happy Right Now

1.You are Avoiding Truth:- Yes, Truth Hurts and everyone wants to skip it. perfection only found in Disney movies, not in real life. don’t think you are imperfect or useless or you haven’t done anything valuable in life. always work on your strength rather than thinking about negative part. Acceptance of the truth is meant to give you a clear picture, not cover up the truth, and you are allowed to take action.

2.Close your eyes and Feel:- I know you will agree with me when I say happiness is internal. happiness is not in the visible word.Let’s say happiness is another planet. In order to arrive, you have to leave behind anger, resentment, doubt, fear and worry.just leave it and feel the happiness within us.

3. you are lazy:- yes, laziness reduces your happiness not directly but indirectly.Maybe you don’t want to exercise. Or you don’t want to educate yourself on health and nutrition. Or you’re afraid to change jobs, you afraid to take the course.How would your life change if you did exactly what you were afraid or too lazy to do?. just overcome it.

4.You decided not to be happy: a major part of the happiness depends upon you. fucking amount of joy and happiness is available every day. Maybe you forgot. Maybe you gave up on yourself along the way, or you stopped listening to that voice that used to tell you there’s more. try to reconnect with your inner voice which is thirsty for joy and happiness.

5.stop self-hate:- love yourself. you are unhappy because you are not loving what you have, what you have achieved to date, what’s your ability and uniqueness.Work on improving yourself, and get your body and mind where it needs to be.

6. you’re missing out:- It happens. your friends are doing cool things and you see it all over social media. Do your thing, focus on your goal and try not to worry about it. everyone has a different life. be happy with what you have.

7.your actions are influenced by others:- Live your life how you want, because you are the one who will have to deal with the consequences. in a hard time no one back you. you are the only person who needs to be strong to deal with that. so, be strong, be happy and enjoy your life.

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7 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Happy Right Now

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