9 Very Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing

1. ZenPen.io:- distraction is the main enemy of writing. every writer love distraction-free writing. zenpen help you to write without getting distracted. its ultimate zone for minimalists writing.

2. Vocabulary.com:- without vocabulary, no writer can survive. so here comes  Vocabulary.com. it helps you to increase your vocab power.

3.Grammarly.com:- want to kill grammar nazi? here comes grammarly.com. used by millions of writer across the word its very handy tool. I personally use this tool to get almost free from grammar errors.

4.Dragon dictation:-this is a very handy tool for recording your post when you are on the way. just hold the record button and speak.  Maybe you want to write something about your post or article, but don’t have any paper or a pen? Don’t risk forgetting it later: speak, record, use when needed.

5.onelook.com:-onelook is basically quick and fast dictionary search tool. it helps you to search any word fast and in an effective manner.

6.Readability score.com:- you can identify by its name. readabilityscore.com help you to check your post or content’s readability score. it’s score which tells you how well your writing is.

7. WriterKata.com–. exercises make your habit perfect. here writerkata comes handy.it helps you to Improve your writing with repetitive exercises.

8. IWL.me:- very interesting tool help you to analyze your writing and it also tells you which famous and legendary author you write like.

9. HemingwayApp.com:- very helpful app for writing error-free writing. it also gives you a grade for your content. it helps you to decide whether your content is easily readable or not?

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9 Very Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing

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